The CLASS MEISTER wood constructions are a professional solution for ECONOMY, ECOLOGY, EFFICIENCY and EXCELLENCE. We truly respect the rules and change our mentality by addressing innovative and modern design techniques by collaborating with certified architects for PASSIVE buildings.
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   Together with ZERO ENERGY, the EXCELLENCE and EFFICIENCY Energy Association in constructions from Romania and the Ecological Faculty in Bucharest, we participate and present in the scientific communications of the EUB International Conference at the engineering section, gaining access to important information on 4E+ construction standards, prefabricated ecological constructions and innovative ideas developed by the The Solaris House project.
   We collaborate with the National Institute of Research, Development, Urbanism and Sustainable Development - URBAN INCERC from Romania, by creating the first waterproof cabin in Romania for the nZEB BASIC - TRAINING OF TRAINERS courses. Our collaboration with URBAN INCERC, brought the only accredited Passive House Tradesperson courses to Romania, courses which we also promoted after taking an exam at the Passive House Institute (PHI) in Germany.

CLASS MEISTER - economie
CLASS MEISTER - ecologie
CLASS MEISTER - eficiență
CLASS MEISTER - excelență

   Today the world is getting busier, and home life has become more important than ever. Over 80% of our lives is spent in enclosed spaces. That's why a friendly habitat with us, but especially with our health, is from a probable alternative, a normality and obligation of concept, design and effective construction.
   As a team of specialists in this field, we have successfully used the multinail wood welding technology from MiTek, and together with a proper insulation and a controlled mechanical ventilation system, we can easily get an energy consumption of max 15kw/m²/year.


Through the advanced technologies, prefabrication lines and effective project management, along with our innovations and dedication, the family of a house can have the stability of a healthy, sustainable life. Our success in getting closer to nature or normality, is a constructive obligation which results in a perfect pretext for you to spend as much time as possible, a healthy life, in a prefabricated ecological quality house, authentic and modern.


When you are dreaming of a top quality unique house or when the desire to build is supported by the investment opportunity, CLASS MEISTER helps you with success on project design and support, along with a SPECIALIZED PROJECT MANAGEMENT.


For over 20 years, through our experience and certified nationally and internationally expertise, we, CLASS MEISTER, even believe in effective materialization and the construction of beautiful, elegant, functional, architecturally functional design houses, structure resistant and environment friendly.


The most important thing we prove in everyday practice is that all of our work be right and healthy built, for the families that are about to live in them and their future generations.

CLASS MEISTER is certified by PASSIVE HOUSE INSTITUTE for contructing buildings with almost zero energy consumption nZEB